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Sessions Archive

Below is a list of session titles and participants for AHAA-sponsored sessions at the CAA annual conference.  Abstracts of past sessions are available to members only; see Organizational Documents.


Votes for Women: American Women Artists and Strategies for Inclusion
Chair: Annelise K. Madsen, Art Institute of Chicago; Discussant: Anna O. Marley, Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts; with participants Nicole J. Williams, Washington University in St. Louis; Laura Fravel, Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum; Huewayne Watson, Arizona State University; and Christina M. Weyl, The Cooper Union


Other Phenomenologies in American Art
Chairs: Catherine R. Holochwost, LaSalle University and Louise E. Siddons, Oklahoma State University; with participants Erin Pauwels, Temple University; Ashley Elizabeth Lazevnick, Princeton University; Lynn M. Somers; and Karen Gonzalez Rice, Connecticut College



America Is (Still) Hard to See: New Directions in American Art History
Chair: Elizabeth Lee, Dickinson College; Respondent: Erika Doss, University of Notre Dame; with participants Rachel Stephens, University of Alabama; Kathryn Bunn-Marcuse, University of Washington; and Kristine K. Ronan, Independent Scholar



The Gustatory Turn in American Art
Chairs: Guy Jordan, Western Kentucky University, and Shana Klein, German Historical Institute; with participants Katherine Manthorne, The City University of New York; Aileen Tsui, Washington College; Lauren Freese, The University of Iowa; Margaretta Lovell, University of California, Berkeley


Claiming the Unknown, the Forgotten, the Fallen, the Lost, and the Dispossessed
Chair: Robert Cozzolino, Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts; with participants Sarah Beetham, Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts; Susan Greenberg Fisher, The Renee & Chaim Gross Foundation; Jessica Marten, Memorial Art Gallery of the University of Rochester; M. Melissa Wolfe, St. Louis Art Museum 

Art and Invention in the U.S.
Chairs: Ellery Foutch, Middlebury College, and Hélène Valance, Université de Franche-Comté; with participants Elizabeth Bacon Eager, Harvard University; Laura Turner Igoe, Winterthur; Miri Kim, Princeton University; Sophie Landres, Stony Brook University; Cary Levine, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill



American Art in Unlikely Places: Exhibitions beyond the Transatlantic Axis
Chair: Alex Taylor, Tate; with participants Elizabeth Boone, University of Alberta; Berit Potter, University of San Francisco; Briley Rasmussen, University of Leicester; Katie A. Pfohl, Louisiana State University Museum of Art

Crowds in the American Imagination
Chairs: James Glisson, The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens; Leslie J. Ureña, National Gallery of Art; with participants Grant Wesley Hamming, Stanford University; Louisa M. Iarocci, University of Washington; Jennifer Stettler Parsons, University of Virginia; Anna Vallye, Washington University in St. Louis


Still on Terra Firma?: The American Landscape in Contemporary Art
Chair: Adrienne Baxter Bell, Marymount Manhattan College; with participants Douglas R. Giebel, Roberts Wesleyan College, Rochester, New York; Regan Golden, Independent Artist and Critic; Maggie Puckett, Artist; Emily Eliza Scott, Institute for the History and Theory of Architecture, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zürich)

Art History as Civic Engagement
Chair: Laura Holzman, Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis; with participants Frances K. Pohl, Pomona College; Keri Watson, Ithaca College; Rachel Hooper, Rice University



The Body of the Artist and the Artist as Body in American Artistic Practice
Chairs: Robin Veder, Pennsylvania State University; Elizabeth Lee, Dickinson College, with participants Lauren Lessing, Colby College Museum of Art; Elizabeth Lee, Dickinson College; Keely Orgeman, Boston University; Colby Chamberlain, Columbia University; Discussant: Robin Veder, Pennsylvania State University

The Art History of American Periodical Illustration
Chairs: Jaleen Grove, State University of New York at Stony Brook; Doug B. Dowd, Washington University in St. Louis; with participants Page Knox, Marymount Manhattan College;  Douglas B. Dowd, Washington University in St. Louis; Jarrod Waetjen, Northern Virginia Community College; Jennifer A. Greenhill, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; Discussant: Michele H. Bogart, State University of New York at Stony Brook


Ideology, Industry, and Instinct: The Art of Labor
Chairs: Wendy Katz, University of Nebraska, Lincoln; Brandon K. Ruud, Sheldon Museum of Art; with particpants John Ott, James Madison University; Annika Marie, Columbia College Chicago; and Beth Finch, Colby College Museum of Art

American Symbolism
Chair: Erika Schneider, Framingham State University; with participants Hélène Valance, Université Paris Diderot; 
Emily W. Gephart, School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston; Lucy L. Bowditch, College of Saint Rose, and discussant Michelle Facos, Indiana University


Color and Nineteenth-Century American Painting
Chair: Peter John Brownlee, Terra Foundation for American Art; with particpants Lance Mayer and Gay Myers, Lyman Allyn Art Museum; Adrienne Baxter Bell, Marymount Manhattan College; Michael Rossi, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Matthew Bailey, Washington University in St. Louis; Maggie M. Cao, Harvard University; and discussant David Bjelajac, George Washington University

(Re)Collecting Memory: Oral History as Testimony of Lived Experience
Co-chairs: Melanie Herzog, Art Dept., Edgewood College and Frances Pohl, Dept. of Art and Art History, Pomona College; with participants Avis Berman, Independent Scholar; Liza Kirwin, Curator of Manuscripts, Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution; Theresa Leininger-Miller, Associate Professor, College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning, University of Cincinnati; Margo Machida, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Department of Art & Art History, University of Connecticut


Rethinking Consumption in the History of American Art
Chair: John Ott, James Madison University, with participants Wendy Katz, University of Nebraska, Lincoln; Kathleen Adair Foster, Philadelphia Museum of Art; Sandra Zalman, University of Houston; Frances Pohl, Pomona College; and Sybil Gohari, University of Maryland, College Park 

From Parlor to Print Room to Classroom: Approaches to Teaching Historic American Visual Culture
Chair: Georgia Barnhill, Andrew W. Mellon Curator of Graphic Arts, American Antiquarian Society, with participants Anne Verplanck, Independent Scholar; Nancy Siegel, Associate Professor of Art History, Towson University; Kevin Muller, Adjunct Instructor, Chabot College; Kristina Wilson, Assistant Professor of Art History, Clark University; Ross Barrett, Department of Art History, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; and Ellen G. Landau, Professor of Art History, Case Western Reserve University


Agents of Civilization: Civic Art and the National Body at the Turn of the Twentieth Century
Chair: Sarah Moore, University of Arizona, with participants Annelise K. Madsen, Stanford University; Evie Terrono, Randolph-Macon College; Rachel Iannacone, University of Minnesota; and Kate Elliott, University of Iowa, and discussant Sally Webster, Graduate Center, City University of New York

Crosstalk: The Pedagogy of the Object in the Academy and in the Museum
Chair: Andrea Pappas, Santa Clara University, with participants Marian Wardle, Brigham Young University Museum of Art; John S. Weber, The Tang Teaching Museum and Art Gallery at Skidmore College; and Sarah Vure, Long Beach City College


The Impermanent Collection
Chairs: Laura Katzman, James Madison University and Smithsonian American Art Museum, and Vivien Green Fryd, Vanderbilt University, with participants Laura Katzman, James Madison University; Vivien Green Fryd, Vanderbilt University; and Alan Wallach, The College of William and Mary

Pedagogies, Texts, Assignments: Teaching the American Art Survey
Chair: Justin Wolff, Roanoke College, with participants John Davis, Smith College; Mishoe Brennecke, Sewanee, The University of the South; and Justin Wolff, Roanoke College


The Object in Its Cultural Context - Promises and Perils
Chair: Kathleen Pyne, University of Notre Dame, with participants Alexander Nemerov, Yale University; Michael Leja, University of Pennsylvania; Barbara Buhler Lynes, Georgia O'Keeffe Museum and Research Center; and Sylvia Yount, High Museum of Art

Troubling That 1945 Border Again: Chronology, Geography, and Interpretation in American Art
Chair: Ellen Wiley Todd, George Mason University, with participants Margaret C. Conrads, Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art; Stephanie Fay, University of California Press; and Frances Pohl, Pomona College


Putting America into American Impressionism: Unraveling the Terminology of Limitation
Chair: Will South, Weatherspoon Art Museum, University of North Carolina, Greensboro, with participants Wendy Greenhouse, Suzanne L'Heureux, Julia Rosenbaum

When Mice Roar: The Relevance of Small Museums
Chair: W. Douglass Paschall, Woodmere Art Museum in Philadelphia, with participants Michelle Robinson, Lise Dubé, and Brian T. Allen


Artists and the Left: a Long Term View
Chairs: Anthony Lee, Mount Holyoke College, and Andrew Hemingway, University College, London, with participants James Oles, Philip Glahn, Richard Meyer, and Rachel Sanders; Sally Stein, respondent

Art and Visual Culture of the U.S. South
Chair: Kirk Savage, University of Pittsburgh, with participants Maurie McInnes and Andrew Walker


American(ist) Agenda
Chairs: Wanda Corn, Stanford University, and John Davis, Smith College, with participants Wendy Bellion, Derrick Cartwright, Richard Meyer, and Gwendolyn Dubois Shaw

Postcolonialism, Globalization, and American Art
Chairs: Bill Anthes, University of Memphis, and Elizabeth Hutchinson, Barnard College, with participants Alan Braddock, LaNitra Walker, Joan Kee, and Jennifer Gonzales


'Strangers in the Night'?: Case Studies in Visual Culture and American Art History
Chair: Angela Miller, Washington University, with participants Jochen Weirich, Jasmine Alinder, and Jason Weems

Reframing American Art for the Public; Current Ideas about Permanent Reinstallations
Chair: Teresa A. Carbone, Brooklyn Museum of Art, with participants Julie Aronson, Pete Mauro, Daniel A. Seidall, Gerald W.R. Ward, and Sylvia Yount


Religion and American Art History
Chair: Sally M. Promey, University of Maryland

Essentialism, Race, and Identity in Early 20th-Century American Art
Chair: Jacqueline Francis, University of Michigan, with participants Elizabeth Hutchinson, Samantha Baskind, Donna M. Cassidy, Erica Moiah James, and Amy Lyford


Braving (and Bridging) the Great Divide: The Academy and the Museum
Chair: Sylvia Yount, Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, with participants Andrew Walker, Diana L. Linden, and Sally Anne Duncan

Current Research on the Visual Culture of Empirical Science in the Americas, from the Renaissance to the Present Day
Chairs: Amy Meyers, The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens, and Therese O'Malley, Center for Advanced Studies, National Gallery of Art, with participants Michael P. Gaudio, Jill H. Casid, Bridget Goodbody, and Katherine E. Manthorne; Alex Nemerov, respondent


The Commodity Politics of Academic Exchange: American Art History, American Studies and Visual Culture
Chair: Shirley Wajda, Kent State University, with participants Kirsten Swinth, Maren Stange, and Angela Miller


American Art in the International Context
Chair: Barbara Groseclose, Ohio State University, with participants Richard J. Powell, Andrew Hemingway, and Susan Grant


What's for Sale? American Art History and the Market for American Art
Chair: Sarah Burns, with participants Dewey Mosby, J. Grey Sweeney, and Eric Rosenberg


Rethinking African-American Place in the Formation of American Art History
Chair: Barry Gaither, Museum of the National Center of African-American Artists, with participants Floyd Coleman, Jontyle Robinson, and Alvia Wardlaw


The Problems Inherent in Teaching American Art Survey
Chair: Margaretta M. Lovell, University of California, Berkeley, with participants Derrick Cartwright, Elizabeth Johns, and Karen Lucic


The Roles of Theory in the Study of U.S. Art History
Chair: Ann Gibson, SUNY Stony Brook, with presenter Michael Leja and respondents Elizabeth Sussman, Beryl Wright, and Alan Wallach