Who We Are
Founded in 1979, the Association of Historians of American Art (AHAA) is an international scholarly community that promotes the exchange of ideas on American art and culture from colonial encounters to contemporary practices. AHAA is a membership organization and affiliated society of CAA—Advancing Art & Design.
Why Join?
As a member, you can network with colleagues; access AHAA's archives, including book reviews, scholarly sessions, and symposia videos; obtain exclusive discounts; and contribute to our forums. Your membership also supports the publication of Panorama, the only peer-reviewed, online, open-access publication in the Americanist field.

Association of Historians of American Art

AHAA provides a lively, accessible forum for: (1) presenting and advancing new approaches to American art; (2) examining problems that confront the field; and (3) identifying scholarly needs and opportunities for its members.

"Before AHAA, there was nothing but the vast and inchoate category of 'American Art,' which on the average had exactly one session at the annual CAA conference. AHAA changed all that. Since its inception, AHAA has done an important and indeed essential service in creating and sustaining a vibrant community of scholars. AHAA has raised the profile and visibility of the field, and—through the biennial symposium, dedicated CAA sessions, the journal Panorama, and the website—has become THE go­ to organization for anyone working in American art today."

Sarah Burns, Professor Emerita, Department of Art History, Indiana University

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